ZoidPay Chrome Extension

This is a place where users are able to utilize their cryptocurrencies on big platforms like eBay and Amazon to purchase products, pay for subscriptions, and even book flights with 40+ million online retailers.

At the ZoidPay Chrome Extension millions of users will be able to shop using vast cryptocurrencies with all online merchants across the world by letting the users connect with their digital wallet.

With the Chrome Extension set to be globally available by November 2021, it’s major intentions is set to bridging the gap in making crypto adoption mainstream with a daily instant liquidity of up to $1 billion for crypto assets per day. Also, users are able to choose from any major cryptocurrency to make payments for their purchases on large platforms like Walmart, Alibaba, MediaMarkt, Lazada, eBay, Amazon and eMag to name a few.

It’s usability is accessible to both crypto experts or newbies, and the Chrome Extension thrills it’s users with seamless experiences. Ranging from an onboarding, (including KYC) into the Chrome Extension usability to getting users ready to shop from over 40 million retailers across the world in a matter of minutes.

There’s an offer for instant liquidity for most major crypto assets, independent of the wallet used. Also, a cashback set upon all transactions using Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and vast cryptocurrencies and all the cashback are instantly paid back in $ZPAY(ZoidPay Native Token ) to the user’s wallet.

The launch of ZoidPay’s Chrome Extension has bridged the gap of safety, accessibility and efficiency when it comes to shopping online using cryptocurrencies.

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