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Your Interest In the Metaverse and the role of YOM…

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. -Eleanor Roosevelt

One would think or imagine how possible it is that their dreams can become a reality in today’s world. Well, this is possible with the evolving cryptoverse and how it has moved from just digital or virtual currencies secured by cryptography, or decentralized networks based on blockchain technology to Virtual realities, NFTs, and new way of life entirely which can be regarded as "The Metaverse".


This is a three-dimensional internet powered by virtual reality(VR) and augmented reality(AR). It is persistent (exists regardless of the user’s presence), real-time (users can experience live events), infinite (supports unlimited concurrent users and VR worlds), self-sustaining (users can work for and pay for things in the metaverse), and interoperable (there’s only one metaverse and everything is integrated within it). It is the collective assortment of byte-based alternatives to features of the physical, atomized world. The metaverse is in our future with or without our permission. There’s been many steps in this direction already to stop halt it’s progress. It details several elements like: multiple VR worlds, interactive and near-real digital assets, the ability to move around and teleport without restrictions, and problem-solving in 3D. All of these are extremely conducive to work-related use case.

It’s Advantages Are ;

  • Gains from infinite space and interoperability
  • Removes dependence on hardware
  • Visualise and solve problems in 3D
  • Overcome the challenges of remote work

What Is YOMetaverse and What Role Does It Play?

Your Open Metaverse is a Solana-based B2B2C Metaverse platform and ecosystem. It’s platform has an aim and role which is to empower artists, developers, and businesses to co-create meta reality, thereby paving the path towards an open, inclusive Meta society.

As believing in the future, Your Open Metaverse has imagined a sustainable reality where travel and consumption are virtual, a place where nationality, gender, race or ethnicity no longer confine you, but instead are choices for you to make. In this new reality, everyone shares similar opportunities as they explore a global market of virtualized experiences and products. They are giving everyone the right to create thier own future in a world where imagination or dream can become real.

The YOM team is experienced in both building scalable platforms and creating virtual solutions in Unreal Engine. As part of its strategy, YOM created custom virtual experiences for parties such as GlaxoSmithKline, TEDx and the Dutch Government think tank Rathenau Institute

Your Open Metaverse Gives You Lots Of Opportunity Embedded In These Segments:


Visit live events & performances in dynamic virtual worlds, bring your friends to collect Exclusive NFTs and Wearables.


Create your own Metaspaces and Experiences with Unreal Engine and give your audience access from any website or channel.


Mint 3D assets as NFTs. Airdrop them in your metaspace as a Giveaway. Organize virtual auctions, Wear-to-Earn and Experience-to-Earn events for your audience


Also, YOM Token fuels the ecosystem through :

Tokenized Wearables

Create unique wearables to sell, which can be worn across all metaspaces


Earn rewards and NFTs by partaking in events hosted in metaspaces

Tokenized Tickets

Sell tickets & passes that provide access to exclusive metaspaces

Tokenized Metaspaces

Lease (or sell) metaspaces to organize events and generate revenue


Make metaspaces profitable by displaying branded assets


Wear branded assets to acquire unique abilities & generate revenue

Finally, Your Open Metaverse is a Decentralized Metaverse Infrastructure that is making sure that the future you are able to dream and imagine is possible.

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