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Retroactive Rewards are a way in which a project decides to reward it’s users for a committed service and usability of it’s features.

Today, OpenLeverage can attach it’s success to the result of thousands of community members that have been lending, trading, and inviting their community to join the journey over the past 12 months. These early community members will naturally serve as responsible stewards for OpenLeverage and will foster the future growth of the protocol.

In The First Phase

7.35% of OLE ’73,500,000 OLE’ was allocated to historical lenders, traders, and NFT holders, based on a snapshot that ended on June 30th, 2022 at 12:00 PM UTC.

The Updated Phase

Recently, OpenLeverage updated the 2nd part of retroactive rewards to the Retroactive Reward page.

Rewards will be distributed among 13 epochs, with 30% of the total rewards being distributed in the first epoch and 70% of the rewards being distributed equally among the rest of the 12 epochs

The allocation follow these rules:

  • All rewards accumulated on BNB and KCC will be counted as retroactive rewards;
  • 4,000,000 OLE tokens will be distributed to lenders and 2,000,000 OLE will be distributed to traders on the Ethereum network;
  • Active addresses on the Kovan testnet before December 20th, 2021, will enjoy 25% extra rewards on the mainnet, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, and KCC;
  • 50% of the first retroactive reward epoch on the BNB Chain will be distributed via Solv NFT voucher and vested until March 1st, 2023;
  • 100 OLE distributed to each NFT holder, earned before and including June 30th, 2022;
  • Discord Active member reward, 1,000 OLE for level 10 and 3,000 OLE for level 20.

Retroactive rewards vesting can be boosted up to 25% by trading during each epoch.All retroactive rewards earned are distributed to the respective chain where they have been earned.



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