Incorporating The WalletConnect Feature To Qredo Wallet and It’s Benefit To Users…

Today, accessing the world of DApps and it’s Varse possibilities ranging from Decentralized financial systems, gamings, trading on DEXs, farming, yields and NFT marketplaces etc all pass through an authorization "gateway" known as WalletConnect.

Qredonetwork, in it’s journey to providing the best of crypto services to it’s users has taken a step in including this feature in it’s Qredo Wallet to enable Qredonians get unlimited leveraging access via Dapps with WalletConnect.


However, unlike traditional applications, DApps operate without human intervention and are not owned by any one entity, rather DApps distribute tokens that represent ownership. These tokens are distributed according to a programmed algorithm to the users of the system, diluting ownership and control of the DApp.


WalletConnect functions similarly like logging into your WhatsApp Web by scanning a QR code. It establishes it’s own connection between the NCW app and the DApp on your laptop or mobile device.

WalletConnect provides a solution for us as traditional payment methods do not work on Web 3.0 platforms. Equipped with high security, WalletConnect can be used to connect with many Web 3.0 applications like online casinos, exchanges, crypto wallets etc. Users like you and us who love to explore decentralized platforms need WalletConnect since it allows us to interact with these DApps.

Today, WalletConnect has an ever increasing use cases along with the popularity that Web 3.0. Users have started using DApps extensively. To enable a secure connection that helps transfer funds, WalletConnect is the ultimate solution. Some other highlights of WalletConnect include:

Multiple Platform Support

Multiple WalletConnect Compatible Wallet Options.

Great Variety Of Chains Supported

How will users Benefit?

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About Qredo?

Qredo is a radical new blockchain infrastructure that delivers interoperability, lightning-fast settlement, and decentralized custody. It is becoming an open-source permissionless protocol operating beyond geographical boundaries.

Qredo solves several problems for digital assets, including security, settlement, and managing operations at scale for institutions.

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I am a young digital crypto enthusiast, graphics designer and digital marketer...

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Asian Ubuo

I am a young digital crypto enthusiast, graphics designer and digital marketer...