Asian Ubuo
1 min readJul 5, 2022


Firstly, I would love to say joining the S-Wallet platform has been the best decision that I’ve made when it comes to securing my funds, having reliability and ease of use.

Being a Crypto Ambassador, I carry out lots of research about upcoming projects and their potentials. I came across S-Wallet while applying for the role of an ambassador, then I was onboarded and started working from February 2022, I carried out my research on it’s platform, it’s utility token, it’s use cases and services. I became convinced that it’s one of the top best Crypto Exchanges soo far.

  • Asset storage
  • Withdrawal 24/7
  • Cross-chain exchange in seconds
  • Guaranteed liquidity
  • Buying and selling assets in a few clicks
  • Support for fiat currencies USD and EUR
  • Instant deposits with available cryptocurrencies

So, I would love you to also join the S-Wallet platform and benefit from it’s interesting services.



Asian Ubuo

I am a young digital crypto enthusiast, graphics designer and digital marketer...