MyTrade is the new wave of Decentralised Exchange (DEX ) that characterizes a centralized exchange with a wide variety of quality tradable assets. It acts as an innovative DEX that utilizes recent technological developments to establish a more decentralized and resource-efficient platform. It altars the way users interact with the DeFi market by providing interesting developments to makers, takers, miners, and users…

With it’s first establishment on the Polygon Network, it aims to maintain decentralisation while providing an expected premium quality of security, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

It’s DEX’s unique algorithm combines liquidity from both AMM pools and the order book to provide takers with the best execution price.

It’s Three Main Mining Incentives are ;

Trade Mining — allows takers to earn MYT by executing trades on selected pairs.

Liquidity Mining — nets you MYT for providing liquidity on selected AMM pools.

Limit Order Mining — as per the details mentioned above.


  • Users can trade directly from their crypto wallet; as a user you have 100% ownership of your own assets.
  • MyTrade users can enjoy price
    charts, and limit orders.
  • MyTrade features both an order book and AMM.
  • With MyTrade’s Integrated Liquidity, you get combined total liquidity from both AMM liquidity pool and order book.
  • You can place a limit order on your order book for absolutely 0 fees
  • Makers can Enjoy 0% Trading Fees
  • Traders Get the Best Price

    MyTrade aims to become the largest cross-chain and cross-layer decentralized exchange, a place where users and projects do not have to be restricted to the public chain where the tokens are originally issued.
    Join Us Today !




I am a young digital crypto enthusiast, graphics designer and digital marketer...

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Asian Ubuo

Asian Ubuo

I am a young digital crypto enthusiast, graphics designer and digital marketer...

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