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Crypto wallets are platforms that help keep your private keys(the password that gives you access to your crypto currencies). They range from hardware wallets like ledgers (looking like USB sticks) to Web wallets or mobile apps like S-Wallet.

It is a platform that allows both for crypto and bank transactions. It tends to provide solutions via a high secure innovation for storing, receiving, sending and exchanging digital assets.
The S-Wallet application is one created to satisfy and serve everyone with it’s built in top notch security.It is a one-stop solution for individual and corporate users, with over 28,000 users daily in over 100 countries.

🔹Reliability and Security
Two-factor authentication and increased level of control at every stage of financial transactions.
Unlimited crosschain exchanges of digital assets.
🔹Business convenience
Connected to online and offline businesses: accepting, holding and converting crypto payments.
Availability of popular blockchain networks and their tokens.
Paying for goods and services or transferring worldwide in minutes.

These are but a few to mention on why Users choose the S-Wallet platform and why you as a new user should do same. Also, the S-Wallet team keeps working actively to bring more utility and useful services to it’s users.

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